Aalto Protocol ( $AALTO)



Earn stablecoin rewards in the Deep Blue Bank while your $AALTO still rebases at 2.3% daily

Aalto Protocol is the most advanced and sustainable auto-rebase protocol on the Binance Smart Chain, with auto-liquidity on every transaction, auto-burn every 24hrs, stablecoin payouts, collateralized price insurance, a quarterly bonus, and planned yield-generating NFT integration as well as dividends on real-world asset revenue streams!

CONTRACT: 0xcE18FbBAd490D4Ff9a9475235CFC519513Cfb19a


Aalto Protocol uses a fixed emissions model that gives you 2.3% more $AALTO daily

Aalto Protocol uses a fixed emissions model that gives you 2.3% more $AALTO every day. This translates into a yearly interest rate of 402,252.1% APY in $AALTO. The protocol has multiple deflationary mechanisms and a trading fee structure that ensures long-term sustainability and high growth potential of the project.

The Coral Preservation Fund is Aalto Protocol’s insurance fund that operates similar to fractional collateralization that traditional banks use.

A portion of the fees from every buy or sell transaction will be held in the Coral Preservation Fund in stablecoins, and will be used in dire circumstances to protect the price of $AALTO, effectively creating a soft price floor for the token.

Aalto Protocol uses The Rising Tide Auto-Liquidity to continuously grow liquidity.

On every single transaction, a small portion of the transaction is used to automatically create the AALTO-BNB liquidity pair on PancakeSwap, and the receipt tokens are then immediately burned, so that no one can access them, ever. This means there will always be liquidity to trade $AALTO on the open market no matter what.

2% of all traded $AALTO is burned, which constantly decreases circulating supply.

Lockup tokens to earn additional rewards on top of the standard rebases in stablecoins.

Every 3 months, 25% of the total initial liquidity will be unlocked and distributed to bank stakers.

Ride the wave,
and stay moist with $AALTO.

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