ROI Master Academy Network ($RMAI)


Why Choose $RMAI?

Community currency backed by an Investment Company and a deflationary algoritm.

The $RMAI token is initially based on the win-win concept where the ROIMA community, the operations and development team coexist in a successful environment.

$RMAI was created to support and reward ROIMA INC company investors and holders. The CEO waives 100% of the funds raised in the presale and they will be added to the liquidity of the RMAI/BUSD pair.

The deflationary system and the use cases in investment mode, scalability, compound interest, farming, mining and other programs support the $RMAI Tokenomics together with the great minds behind this wonderful project where partners such as Space Heroes will be involved in the mechanics and utilities.

Deflationary token
Thanks to the deflation algorithm, the circulating supply is reduced over time, the value of the token increases and a healthy economic flow is maintained..

Reflection & Utility
2% $RMAI of each transaction is used to reward the holders, when others move their tokens the holders earn a part as a reflection. 



CONTRACT: 0x5416f06830c7826a2ee774c53a3589e707269ab3




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