SpongeBob Atlantis (SPONS)


From SponsCoin To The People

Spons Coin is building a platform to allow streamers and content creators a safe and easy method of receiving support through Cryptocurrencies along with its auto Buyback system.

Spons Coin is a community-based and community-driven token, guaranteeing complete transparency through every milestone of the project.

Our responsibility is to create a fast, secure and easy way for streamers to receive crypto donations from their viewers. Whether you want to donate $Spons Coin, $BNB or any other cryptocurrency, we are here to help you. The Auto Buyback system on our smart contract generates a great price support and ensures to reward holders of the token. More technical matters can be found on our Whitepaper!

Community driven token which will be utilized to boost Streamer revenues in cryptocurrency donations and much more! Any fees generated from the platform will be used to buyback the Spons Coin token and burned.


CONTRACT: 0xb8faAe3C04590ab47175eF498E896C4Dad515353



#MoveToEarn is dominating the crypto space! 🔥

First time working with the dev, LP is fat.
CFat marketing wallet... Looking good potential in it...

Marketing Plan
  • - GiveAway
  • - Call 5 Channel Telegram potential 
  • - Launch Pancakeswap
  • - Call All Influencer ,Youtube, Twitter , Telegram , Reddit, Discord
  • - Audited + KYC by SOLIDPROOF Soon
  • - CMC & CG Fast track
  • - Cex Listing
  • - App & Marketplace released soon

Utility $SPONS Token
Fee Futures Trading 💥

Portfolio Tracker Basic
Hold $50 SPONS Required

Limit Orders
$5 in SPONS per orders 
Limit Orders on app.sponscoin.com for any token on PancakeSwap v1/v2 and ApeSwap.

Stop Losses
$50 SPONS Required
Place Stop Loss orders on app.sponscoin.com.

Trailing Stop Losses.
Hold $2000+ SPONS Required
Enables Trailing Stop Losses on app.sponscoin.com.

Hold $2600+ SPONS Required
Snipe token launches with the Ultimate on app.sponscoin.com.

Futures Spons Coming Soon 💥💥

What Is Bitcoin Futures, Futures Trading? 

Guide conclusion
What are Bitcoin Futures?
Futures, Spot and Margin
Reasons for Fluctuations between Spot and Futures Prices
Understanding the Basic Mechanisms of Futures (Futures Contracts)
Advantages of Futures Over Spot Trading

Utility $SPONS Token
Fee Futures Trading 💥

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