rLoop (RLOOP)

rLoop is a decentralized organization accelerating technological solutions to global problems rLoop acquires, supports, and finances early-stage innovation and research projects as an open and self-governing collective.

At the Forefront of Innovation

By cross-connecting emergent fields of technology and making them accessible to everyone, rLoop creates an ecosystem of limitless and permissionless innovation.

RLOOP - The rLoop Token

RLOOP is a governance token for rLoop.

rLoop is an open and self-governing DAO that acquires, supports, and finances research and innovations to address the environmental and natural resource challenges of climate change, energy, water, and food.

rLoop and its members will hold intellectual property and data rights to early-stage projects in a portfolio of assets represented at NFTs. 

🔑CONTRACT: 0x822b906e74d493d07223cf6858620ccda66b2154




rLoop aims to accelerate innovation through utilising the power of the crowd via decentralised engineering and rapid prototyping. This prototyping will be enabled by rBridge: a world-wide rapid prototyping platform, enabling anyone to make their idea a reality.

The Bridge between innovators and makers

rBridge connects our virtual engineering team to a global network of skilled talent with access to machinery, so that through collaboration, they can make any idea happen.

The rBridge concept is not just an idea, but already has been proven by rLoop producing an award winning Hyperloop prototype. Now, rBridge will build further on this success by scaling up this network of makers.

Beyond Connecting

rBridge will start as an online interface with profiling of users and geographically distributed maker centers, design handling and order processing. Upon this basis, rBridge will expand its capabilities using collaboration tools such as AR/VR. Ultimately, rBridge will provide advanced manufacturing processes and extra capacity by extending the network with rLoop owned smart factory locations.

rBridge will accelerate innovation and benefit both innovators and makers by creating a unique collaboration platform. Innovators  have access to a global pool of prototyping and manufacturing capabilities from various industries, enabling cross-industry innovations. Makers will have access to new income streams via rBridge with marginal investments or marketing.


The Global Innovation DAO 

The famous creators of SpaceX Hyperloop, and the only community to be sponsored by Slack, and TE Connectivity  are going on-chain! 
rLoop is aiming to become a community-governed DAO dedicated to accelerating the research, development, and adoption of new technologies that addresses our current and future world, while solving challenges of climate change, energy, water, food and waste. 


1️⃣ Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) structure for collective participation

2️⃣ Creating real-world technologies in connection with some of the biggest names in the industry (SpaceX, Tesla, NASA, Boeing, etc...), making a real impact

3️⃣ Digitising innovations and IP into NFTs

4️⃣ NFT holders receive royalties from the project (E.g. rLoop's "rGuard" Project has generated  $300M in revenue) 

5️⃣ Stake-and-participate model allows true participants and supporters to continue earning in $RLP 

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000


☝️Governance: $RLOOP Token holders submit proposals, vote on agenda, and indicate their choice on prototypes

✌️NFT Royalty: When the $rloop holder's chosen proposal is selected and the prototype is built, the $RLP token holders that voted for the prototype receives royalties of the NFT holding the IP

🔥 Buyback: rLoop commits a proportion of its revenue to token buyback 

🚀 Leading engineers and scientists behind NASA, SpaceX, Boeing and others  

💵 $300m revenue generated by the innovations of the Decentralized rLoop Team

🏆 4x award winner from SpaceX, Basware ("next big thing"), Asite, Dubai Future Foundation

🤝 Partnered with Slack, TE connectivity, CDIL and other leading multi billion $ organizations

📰 Global coverage on leading media (The Economist, The WSJ, The Telegraph, Fortune, Forbes, The Times, BBC World News and others)

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