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Continental Technology
About the Project

We are a system integration company. Through intelligent integration of existing and innovative technologies, we develop a "freedom of life" product based on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, that is, a product that is more convenient, more private, more liberating, more convenient, cheaper and as safe as the lifestyle you currently enjoy. .

Artificial intelligence powered mega search engine , e-commerce platform that will follow the world wide web for the best product/service options, including options offered directly from their own block-based vendors .

ContinentalCard™ allows cryptocurrency holders to use the assets stored in their wallets for daily payments at stores and restaurants around the world.
A large number of cryptocurrencies can be stored in the ContinentalWallet wallet, while only the CTL cryptocurrency in CTLCard can be used to create an additional layer of security.


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Contract address /ERC20: 0x6b8425cbebaad330dfaa7a8400a38dffc4aaddaf

✅ Contract address /BEP20: 0xae9cc5236a2fbb2a9a2e913298d3048c7aa4b722




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