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What is Meta-Z?

Meta-Z is a P2E MMORPG game built on the unity engine, with a separated marketplace system built on the web where users can connect their online wallets safely to purchase in-game items, trade NFTs and get as much freedom as they need to live, react and mark their presences in MetaVerse Z.


CONTRACT: 0x5EF6b5ABaA7e9b75Fa4DaEBF0Fc722f9AFF12B40

Token Meta-Z has two tokens, MZT and PMZ.

MZT is a BEP20 token powered by Binance Smart Chain and designed as an ecosystem currency for Meta-Z.

You can trade BNB/MZT pair on PancakeSwap, BTC/MZT and USDT/MZT on DigiFinex.




Meta-Z World Alpha Test is up

Join now and test it with your friends!


Metaverse gaming industry has seen a great revolution in the last few years as an effect of people's passion in turning their imagination into the virtual world, the competitive scene has been very intense which led to the birth of so many metaverse projects working to resolve the same problems which are converting creative imaginations to digital assets using fun methods, we "as in Meta-Z team" believe that we have all capabilities and ingredients to carry out this mission into the next level.

Meta-Z project is a metaverse game which is built using the Unity engine. It started as a game prototype for the metaverse, which had a basic concept of allowing players to make their own unique stuff using NFT technology and share it with each other.

Graphical Design

For our graphical design choice, we went with a low poly style for the sake of both performance and simplicity to make the game way more user friendly for newcomers.

We use a variety of low poly 3D models, but mostly polygon and most notably POLYGON PACKS from unity store.

Game Design

The core gameplay revolves around multiplayer interactions. The game focuses heavily on the social part between players rather than physics, which was a decision we come up with after reviewing multiple metaverse games.

In order for players to build their own stuff, they will need to have a valid land (could be obtained from the market) which only they can change however they like. Other players may only view it as it is and interact with it.

You could think of the builder as a separate game. It has its own camera movement, world settings and plays differently.

The main purpose behind choosing this design is to make it easy for players to create their own worlds separately from the main game world in a clean and organized manner.

The builder design allow for flexible adding of new items, each item must contain (3D model, material, item name), after adding it into the item list it will automatically generate a ghost material (used as a guide to help the player place objects on the game world) which can be placed later after adding it to the items list into the game world.

PMZ is a BEP20 token powered by Binance Smart Chain and is used as the governance token for Meta-Z project.


Q4 2021 -> Q4 2022
2021 Q4
  • Website development
  • Whitepaper design
  • Game prototype
2022 Q1
  • First marketing wave 
  • Game showcase
  • MZT Token presale
  • Community airdrop
  • Burn event (50M MZT)
  • Token launch on PancakeSwap
  • Marketplace showcase
  • Game builder showcase
  • Community referral system
2022 Q2
  • MZT CEX listing 
  • Release new integrations and partnerships
  • Deploying marketplace contract 
  • Multiplayer game alpha release 
  • Launch Meta Z NFT marketplace 
  • Lands presale
  • First NFT's presale
  • Second marketing wave 
  • PMZ Fair launch 
  • PMZ launch on pancakeswap
  • Community Airdrops
2022 Q3/Q4
  • PMZ CEX listing 
  • Adding chat system and communication with party mode in game
  • Adding Quests and tasks linked to the reward system
  • Game Q&A with developers and community
  • First release of P2E (Play to earn) system

About Meta-Z

The foundation stone for Meta-Z has been laid in December 2021, by its founder Younes Kasdi, with the help of Joseph Grey and Nadhir Ferdji.

Meta-Z World is a stimulating project that uses a broad variety of technological and speculative stacks, managed towards creating a metaverse on the basis of the four different Meta-Z Systems, including Meta-Z token as the main currency. This will allow players to have a new point of view to a game world.

The use of cutting-edge cross platform blockchain technology in the Meta-Z World will increase overall notice and engagement in this project moving forward. We are working towards the creation of a global community of players interacting with Meta-Z World for multiple purposes such as entertainment and economic outcomes. Meta-Z World aim to engage people together virtually using a metaverse to create wide communities.

Build metaverse game, with P2E system, where people can play & have fun, earn rewards, interact with others, create and sell their items as NFTs.

Create an appropriate, integrated and balanced ecosystem.
Build a nice & fun game and an NFT store according to the high quality requirements of the market.
Achieving all set goals by time then moving to market competition.

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