Cashverse ( ADACASH - SOLCASH)



Our revolutionary new token earn you reflections just for holding. On each transaction 10% is distributed between all holders every 60 minutes, depending on the 24HR daily trading volume.

Buy & Hodl

In this current market there are a lot of scams, rug pulls and other dishonest coins, we strive to be transparent and put forth a project with integrity and utility. We use our experience across multiple markets and our knowledge of a variety of products to provide the best cryptocurrency research and trading information. We have created multiple safe, long term investment tokens, not pump and dump projects. We want to create a community and a real utility token for a better future. As some have said these are the only coins where you embrace the dip for more rewards.So far we are the leading the movement for financial freedom.

  • Over 17,000 Holders already
  • Multiple Partnerships & Sponsorings
  • Almost $ 1,5 Million Dividends paid to our holders






On each transaction 10% is distributed between all holders as ADA (BEP20) every 60 minutes, depending on daily volume

The only real contract:


On each transaction 10% is distributed between all holders as SOL (BEP20) every 60 minutes, depending on daily volume.

The only real contract:

Your Profit With CASHVERSE

The CASHVerse will always invent new ways to provide passive income streams in safe and secure coins. All you have to do is hold and enjoy the up and downs. Yes, you earn while the market is going up AND down. The important thing here is the daily trading volume and not the price or Market Cap. The more volume we have the more rewards earned. You can not lose here.

CASHVerse Road Map
To ensure great use cases and profitable dividends for passive income we are always working on new things.

Q1 2022
Staking & Branding

  • ✅ Staking ADACash - Built from the ground up, revolutionary new staking platform to allow for the most beneficial rewards for our holders. Staking ADACash to yield SOLCash whilst still earning ADA and in turn SOL. The best staking solution in the BSC space!
  • Cashemons Part 1 – The initial offering of our NFT game, further details will be shared.
  • ✅ Cashverse brand created combining ADACash, SOLCash, Cashemon and staking.
  • ✅ Website Migration – ADACash/SOLCash websites will be combined under the 'Cashverse' banner.
  • Cashverse Mobile app created with dashboard incorporated.
  • ADACash/SOLCash trademarking discussions.
  • Cashverse merchandise site developed.
  • Advertising with multiple influencers as well as partnerships with youtubers.
Q2 2022
The Gaming begins
  • Cashemons Part 2 – The full Play to earn game of Cashemon including multiple features to be announced.
  • ✅ Implementation of dedicated ADA Nodes for staking ADA.
  • ADACash/SOLCash trademarking completed.
  • Further Cashverse Merchandise for sale.
  • Advertising with multiple influencers and partnerships with other staking. tokens.
Q3 2022
  • The Revolution
  • Cashverse App wallet development.
  • Initial Cashverse Exchange (CEX) discussions occur.
  • Further Cashemons expansion for our holders to earn more in rewards.

Q4 2022
  • Start the Big Things
  • Cashverse Exchange (CEX) Planning with Team of Developers
  • New token under the Cashverse banner launched.
  • Cashemons Christmas Bonanza.

Year 2023
  • CASHverse Exchange
  • Development team start work on the Cashverse CEX.

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