Radix95 (R95) Token (#XRD)


Radix95 is a Radix DLT based platform that will house a variety of features, utilities, and services in the form of dapps ranging from token scanners to coin listings to DEX.

Along with the teams own project development, community and indie developers will be incentivized and rewarded for submitting any dapps to the R95 ecosystem, where the long-term vision is to become an all-in-one hub for any crypto related needs.

🔗 WEBSITE: https://www.w95radix.com/


CONTRACT: 0x09655cd91093331A64BB1D103182271e607ec982




This project is a Radix #XRD based token. The vision is to become an authentic “operating system” on Radix that houses many different dapps developed by both the devs and the community until Radix 95 becomes a real breathing system that provides utilities such as scanning, coin listings, DEX, and many more until the site becomes a one-stop shop for all things crypto.

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