About NowMeta 💯

NowMeta investors are investing in the future of the Metaverse. This includes all platforms Decentralland, Blocktopia, Sandbox, Horizon Worlds and all future worlds to come. Become a part of the largest digital real estate investment holding fund in the metaverse.

NowMeet will connect our holders with all of the largest LIVE events across all metaverse platforms. Market your products and services, showcasing them in real time. NowMeta advances projects in the metaverse, especially for entrepreneurs who do not own their own digital real estate. NowMetas vision is to assist our holders in understanding the metaverse. We care about your education in this area. Our team will provide educational opportunities for all ages. This will include classes for children on web 3.0 coding, web design, etc. Adult classes will expand to NFT development, film making, Cryptocurrency, FOREX trading, Digital Marketing just to name a few. Welcome to NowMeta University!




Opening the metaverse
In this future expanding economy, where goods and services are proving to be more costly, NowMeta is here to bridge the wealth gap by utilizing technology in the Metaverse. Now the everyday hard-working citizens can enter the Metaverse with their bright ideas.


For The 99%
NowMeta is designed to make sure the 99% have the opportunities to work towards elevating themselves. In this new paradigm, we can create a better future by leveraging cryptocurrency and the Metaverse.

NowMeta Community
Here at NowMeta, we have a corporate responsibility to the community by providing access to education, free school meals, and clean drinking water. So many others don’t have these basic tools to survive, and NowMeta is here to help us THRIVE.



Our Mission
Our holders will capitalize from NowMeta’s collaborative platform in charge of showcasing creative ideas. NowMeta will host the annual NowMeta Impact Award Show. This event will recognize and celebrate the NowMeta investors who impact the Metaverse Industry. The NowMeta Runway will feature a 24-hour fashion show. All the latest innovators of fashion and design will feature the latest wearables. The NowMeta Gallery is sure to be one of the hottest tickets in the metaverse. This NFT art showcase will include NFT raffle giveaways, NowMeta coin airdrops and much more. The NowMeta Hall will host keynote speaker lectures, feature film debuts, metaverse weddings, graduations and memorials. For inventors and innovative mind’s you can host your exhibition to potential investors as well as environmentalists.

Core Values
NowMeta will prove through passion, consistent change, and dedication that our holders are not left out of any major changes to the Metaverse.

NowMeta has a big heart in charity work along the lines of children and education. The number of uneducated children is unacceptable in today’s modern world due to the possibility of virtual options.

Cryptocurrency mining may also be playing a role in global warming and climate degradation. NowMeta will contribute to greener cryptocurrency & paperless solutions, further combatting these issues

NowMeta is building a foundation where users are in control of their data, identity, and destiny. We leverage the Binance Smart Chain to provide a high-speed, secure, and cost-effective user experience.

ROADMAP NowMeta’s Roadmap

NowMeta seeks to secure the quality, security & future of the Metaverse for the NowMeta holders no matter how the Metaverse may turn- ensuring to stabilize the future in an uncertain world.

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