The best BNB reflection token and the first NFT multichain Staking Protocol. with auto-reward feature. Simply hold $EVAM tokens in your wallet and earn BNB. 5% of every buy/sell On EVAM taken are redistributed to all EVAM holders.

Minimum Hold 200 EVAM tokens

The Next Gen Financial Engine with Auto-BNB Rewards & NFT Staking Protocol.
| Buy | Sell | Trade | Hold | Earn | Invest | Stake NFT |

CONTRACT: 0x02Ccb9bE58c1C13AB2830733fabef8BC39F6C0A6



Earn 2000.20%
Fixed NFT Staking APY
Hold & Earn | Stake & Earn (RFI).

Evameta Finance is bringing NFT staking multichain ecosystem into Defi, Generate passive income in BNB by Holding EVAM tokens or Staking NFT with your EVAM tokens.
EVAM holders can Buy EVAM NFT with tokens and Stake them into the Nft staking pools to receive rewards.

Staking indirectly serves to support the system. Evameta Finance is implementing RFI Technology allowing rewards generation in BNB simply by HODLing EVAM tokens.
Applying a 5% fee to each transaction and distributing it to all token holders.




The Next-Gen Multichain Protocol & Nft Staking Exchange Ecosystem.

Evameta finance is introducing a new High NFT Staking APY, as a new feature. Users can Buy and stake NFTs on multichain and different rarities ( by depositing EVAM tokens ) then stake it in the NFT Pools to generate High APY rewards.

  • Buy EVAM Token on multichain Protocol of your choice.
  • Cast your NFT with preferred APY.
  • Choose NFT staking length.
  • Stake NFT on approved APY Length.
  • Unstake NFT and Claim your Full APY Rewards.

🌎 Evameta Finance Ecosystem

Welcome to the Official Announcement Channel🤝

Evameta is The Next-Gen Multichain Financial Engine with Auto BNB Rewards & NFT Staking Protocol On Multichain ecosystem. powered by a yield generating contract and operating on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), aiming for easy 

Holding & NFT staking with high earning APY To enhance mass earning experiences on BSC blockchain & multichain ecosystem.

Our Vision is to build a decentralized and community driven platform in the DeFi industry, where every single user plays an important part of the decisional process by having an effective role in defining and Evameta Finance and its future development.

Our main target is consumers that are avoiding the high gas fees of Ethereum Blockchain. We are also aiming to become a Unique Warrior in DeFi Yielding Ecosystem, planning on rapid growth, sustainable expansion and aggressive business approach.

  • *Name: Evameta Token
  • *Ticker: EVAM
  • *Decimals: 18
  • *Listing Price $0.5
  • *Max supply: 500,000,000

  • *Team & Advisors Token 10% Locked (2year)🔒
  • *Airdrop 1%
  • *Liquidity 4% (4% fully utilised for initial liquidity)
  • *Private Sale 1%
  • *Public Sale / IDO 4%
  • *Community Bounty 3%
  • *Partnership & Ecosystem Expansion 3%
  • *Marketing & PR 4%
  • *Burn 20%
  • *Development 20%
  • *NFT Staking Reward 30%

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