We connect future entrepreneurs, artists, or visionaries with customers and investors before the idea becomes reality

We like or dislike something on social media. We decide something in our life and give our vote to one or another opportunity. We spend money on something and give it a vote by that. Avoteo will give you the chance to give your voice a value and increase the financial freedom in your future. You always wanted to be part of a great idea? Avoteo gives you the chance to do this multiple times. Day by day. All you invest, is your vote!

🔗WEBSITE: https://avoteo.io/

CONTRACT: 0x21c41d76183a83c51f32effa2a92d9e6aebccb0b


Security audit

We have heard the voice of our community and applied for a security audit. The audit will be started at 1st of march approximately and will be finished within around five days.

You can track the process by following the link below. We are listed on Certik website already.

Full Silver Coin & Silver Plated Coin

Limited to 500** resp. 1000* pieces
Investors of private sale round, that contributed more than 1000$ / 2500$ will receive physical silver plated coin* resp. full silver coin** in a stunning AVOTEO design.

* a copper core plated with 999 silver coin

** 1 ounce 999 silver coin


Listing partners
We are proud to announce that we have met an agreement with the p2pb2b exchange for an IDO that will take place in addition to Phase2 of our ICO.

In addition to the IDO and the ICO we have met an arrangement to carry out an AVO token IEO on the LATOKEN exchange platform.

This are a powerful tools in order to get more exposure and visibility for our project.

OUT OF THE 1,000,000,000 TOKENS
Pre-Sale & Values
300.000.000 will be distributed to the team, partners and advisors. These tokens will have a vesting period of 12 months after the first listing on a DEX and will be
released in tranches of 5% over the following 20 month.

150.000.000 will be used for referrals.

50.000.000 will be used for giveaways, these could be for example airdrops, rewards for social competitions or they could be used as staking rewards. In each case these tokens will flow back to the Avoteo community.

500.000.000 tokens will be sold during three rounds of the ICO.

Round 1 – Private Sale: the tokens will be sold for the equivalent of $0.01.

The funds will be used for the development of the platform, the founding of Avoteo holding and hiring employees. Minimal purchase 50.000 AVO tokens, maximum purchase 1.000.000 AVO tokens. The tokens will have a vesting period of 9 months after the first listing after which 50% will be unlocked, 3 months later the remaining 50% will be unlocked.

Round 2 – Presale Phase 1 the tokens will be sold for the equivalent of $0.02.

Minimum purchase 5.000 AVO, maximum purchase 1.000.000. The tokens will have vesting periods: 25% of the tokens will be unlocked directly upon listing, 25% will be unlocked 3 months after listing, 25% will be unlocked 6 months after listing and 25% will be unlocked 9 months after listing.

Round 3 – Presale Phase 2 ( crowd sale ) the tokens will be sold for the equivalent of $0.05.

No minimal, or maximum purchase amounts. The sold tokens will have no vesting period.

Unsold tokens from one round will be transferred to the next and all unsold tokens after round 3 will be burned. Upon listing, the liquidity will be locked for a period of two years, the only exception is when a governance vote by the community decides that tokens need to be unlocked for example to burn part of the tokens, community redistributions, or to facilitate further developments of the Avoteo ecosystem.

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