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Is a decentralised ecosystem for blockchain games. We aim to create a Gameverse where users can play multiple blockchain games published by either MARBLEZ Studio or other game publishers. Everyone who loves games comes together to build and contribute to the ecosystem while at the same time, earn some income.

With the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) technology, there would be cross game assets for MARBLEZ Studio’s games. Items acquired in game can be used in some other games to boost its value. This cross functional feature will increase the NFT’s demand as users from another games will be interested in the NFT too.

Ultimately, MARBLEZ Gameverse aims to connect users from all games to interact with each other to build a strong, healthy and united family.


🔑CONTRACT: 0x0423b912495Bd4C8bCB843f62aF76bBF343d6E8c



1. MARBLEZ Birth - Q1 2022

Community building - Telegram, Twitter, Discord, WeChat

KYC & Audit

Token Presale

Marblezland demo launch

CMC, CG listing


2. MARBLEZ Growth - Q2 2022

Social media marketing

AMA sessions

Launch of NFT marketplace

Sales of NFT

Marblezland official launch


Development of next MARBLEZ Studio Game (Title TBC)

CEX Listing


3. MARBLEZ Fly - Q3 2022

Massive marketing

Strategic partnership

Sponsorship for hosting branded tournaments

More CEX listing

Setup up more MARBLEZ game development teams

Launch of more MARBLEZ Studio Games


4. MARBLEZ Moon - Q4 2022

Hosting of world class e-sport tournaments

Launch of more MARBLEZ Studio Games

Corporate partnership

Strategic investment

The first game in development is Marblezland - a beautiful marble simulation game where players can build their own Marblezland. Build your own top notch park and invite your friends to pay a visit. Rides the marbles and enjoy the cool sceneries with your NFT Marblez and blocks.



Players can build their park with free assets

Players can earn NFT assets via level up or completing special tasks

New unique NFT assets to be added periodically for players to grab

Land will be open for sale and players can build super Marblezland by joining their land in guild play

Switch between different types of blocks

Switch between day or night mode

Players can compete with each others in competition mode

Leaderboard mode where top players get $MARBLEZ and prizes

Marbles NFT:​

Some marbles have special effects when deployed to the Marblezland- discover the skills and effects yourself

Marbles have different rarity, trade at the marketplace for profits

Collect more marbles and showcase to your friends


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