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Maine Neko Token 🐺


Maine Neko Token

What is Maine? 🐺

They first discovered us in North East America, and we eventually became tame. The entire world, having learned that we had been domesticated, became aware of our fame in a very short period of time. They think we're pets because we're a talkative race, but we've retained our wild nature since the beginning.

Our purpose in being here is to remind Maine, the largest cat breed, of unknown breeds such as doge and shiba. We're here to remind that the Maine is the largest cat breed.

We got our wild life back as Maines. The real Maine will be seen by the entire world. We are not pets; we simply love people.

🔗 WEB SİTE: https://maineneko.com/

🔑 CONTRACT: 0xd8E656eEd75BCa8a3A1d2F00614F9366f6F0B42B

🔏 BSCScan

💧 TWİTTER: https://twitter.com/mainenekotoken


ANN: https://t.me/maineneko

Global: https://t.me/mainenekoofficial

Turkey: https://t.me/mainenekoturkiye

Maine Neko has 10% Tax to power Maine Neko Project

  • When Maine Neko tokens are purchased or sold, the Maine Neko System awards 1 percent MYC to Maine Holders. As a result, you can continue to earn MYC Tokens by trading taxes from others.
  • Every transaction will automatically add tax to our Liquidity Pool, and our Pool will be locked indefinitely from the moment we get listed on the Exchange. As a result, our pool will continue to grow on a daily basis.
  • For each transaction, a tax will be added to our Transparent Marketing Wallet; these taxes will be used in Advertising and Marketing transactions.

Maine Neko - İnfo

They first discovered us in the North East America region, and then we became tame. The whole world, which heard that we were domesticated, heard our fame in a very short time. They think we're pets because we're a talkative race, but we haven't lost our wild nature since day one.

Our purpose of being here is to remind the largest cat breed, Maine, to breeds of unknown breed such as doge and shiba. We are here and remember that the largest cat breed is Maine.

He returned to Maine. The whole world will see the real Maine. We are not pets, we just love people.


Shot out

Managed by Decentralized Community
The Maine Neko breed is back.
Shiba and Doge breed wait for us!
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