BNBGlobal ( #BNBG) ⚡

About BNBGlobal⚡

BNBGlobal is a low tax token where holders will be rewarded with a 3% reward on every transaction where each holder will receive BNBGlobal tokens, so the amount of tokens you posses will increase with every transaction. Holding is key!

BNBGlobal will start in phase 3 with mini and casino games where you have the chance to win big amounts of BNBGlobal tokens!

Later in Phase 4 there will be developed an Auction platform to buy “spectacular” goods and items with your BNBGlobal tokens. This is revolutionary in the cryptomarket and will be the first token which will ever create a platform in his kind!

🔑CONTRACT: 0x161c3a337019920c3f29e20627a32e958d8a6856


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Our Team

The BNBGlobal team is based in the Netherlands.

The development started on June 2021.

We are a very motivated team, each team member has it’s own skill and ideas to make this project a succes. We have made a lot of preparations to start this project and we are committed to it. Do you climb to the top together with us? Join the community and invest in BNBGlobal and we see us at the top!

The team is a young and dynamic group of people that possesses various expertises and skills wich they synergize by working as one.

  • Token Name : BNBGlobal
  • Token symbol : BNBG
  • Initial Liquidity : BNB 
  • Slippage on buy: 10% or more, depends on demand
  • Slippage on sell: 10% or more, depends on demand
  • Max Buy is 3%
  • Max Sell is 1%
  • Max Hold is 3%

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