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💬WEB SİTE : https://eshib.es/
🔑CONTRACT: 0xffaa85705ae216363e4e843b67ff3c238fcf0de2 

Euro Shiba Inu es un activo digital que está teniendo muy buenos resultados a pesar de que su proyecto aún sigue en desarrollo. EShib recompensa a sus poseedores con un 5% de cada transacción, un 5% va destinado a donaciones en caso de catástrofes naturales, concienciar a la juventud a cuidar y mejorar el medio ambiente, reforestar y catalogar dichos terrenos como área protegida,formar a las empresas en el mundo de las criptomonedas y mucho más. El proyecto que nació en España de la mano de un grupo de jóvenes que vio la oportunidad para mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas y concienciar sobre el cambio climático, ya cuenta con un equipo a nivel mundial ya que personas de varios países se están sumando al proyecto y están trabajando para que siga creciendo. No lo dudes y sumate a este gran proyecto que pronto será una referencia para un mundo mejor, más ecológico y solidario. 

Euro Shiba Inu Buying Guide:

To buy $ EShib, you first have to follow the steps in the image below. 

Once you have added our contract: 0xffaa85705ae216363e4e843b67ff3c238fcf0de2 

to your Trust Wallet wallet, in the Smart Chain network, you can buy our token in Poocoin at the following address:


Good news 
The server is already active at https://eshibverse.online/
Now we only ask for your patience for the launch of the game.
We will be back with good news very soon.

Euro Shiba Inu was born with the intention of improving the real world with money from the virtual world.

Simply and thanks to the use of our currency, we will receive 5% that will be destined to reforest the planet, within our possibilities and thus be able to give a future to our children and grandchildren, who will be able to breathe fresh air thanks to our support.

Another part of this money will go to humanitarian aid, natural disasters, scholarships for children who do not have a good economic situation; help families with children in precarious situations.

We will also help people and companies learn to make payments and transactions with cryptocurrencies. With this we will ensure that the daily use of cryptocurrencies increases and thus we will increase the value of our currency, earning capital through donations.


We are a great team with experience in digital assets, who say we develop our own token to improve people's quality of life.

The project was born in Spain by the hand of a group of young people and it already has a team worldwide, with several people working in different countries who have joined so that the project continues to grow.

To buy $ EShib:
1. Install Trust Wallet
2. Create a wallet 
3. Enter DApps 
4.Paste the following link in the search engine 

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