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This is an experiment in which the Chinese love the blockchain🐲

We hope that international friends will support this experiment and welcome friends from all over the world to participate.

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Chinazilla, an experiment initiated by overseas Chinese who love the blockchain by Chinese people, the ownership of the project was given up at the beginning, the private key has been penetrated into a black hole, and it is completely handed over to the community for autonomy. Since the project went live, it has received a good response within a week. Four new communities spontaneously established by foreign friends support this experiment, and the number of supporters has exceeded 100 to 5000+


China is one of the four ancient civilizations. It has countless traditional culture and artistic heritage that shocks the world. There are many creations and creations that can be incorporated into the great miracles of human history. From culture, morality, historical sites to the famous works of saints, it can even be said that every dynasty and every city has countless historical cultures that vividly embody traditional art and cultural heritage. Combined with the current upsurge of blockchain decentralization, the meta-universe concept has attracted the attention of the world, and digital collections have been favored by blockchain enthusiasts around the world. As the community grows, chinazilla will launch swap, dapp, and urban nft sections in the future. Take the city as the basic element and incorporate China’s history, art and cultural heritage, and finally create a chinazilla meta-universal ecology integrating cities, territories, cultural exchanges, tourism, art appreciation, entertainment and leisure, which will vividly show our great mother earth In front of us, let us understand the greatness of earth civilization at home!

In the future, as the official website is updated, the historical data of all contributors' contributions will be put into the official website contribution section to keep it forever, which is also convenient for future projects to feed back after they become stronger.


Community talents can participate. Within a week, it has attracted the favor of many famous international Internet companies and big technology experts. There are also foundations spontaneously established by the community, including pictures, small videos and many other community contributors. I believe that there will be more community contributors in the future. Many people have joined chinazilla. At present, the technical strength has reached the level of swap, dapp, nft, and public chain. The vision of Meta Universe is worth looking forward to, and more volunteers are welcome to join us!


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Turkey group: 🇹🇷
Indian group: 🇮🇳
Vietnam group: 🇻🇳
Pakistan group: 🇵🇰


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